New Photography, Make-up and Hairstyle services website opening today

Posted in Cities, Events, Macro Photography, Nature & Animals, Sport, Still life, Street photography, Studio / Fashion Photography, Wedding on September 8th, 2010 by Giorgio Guglielmino

grey New Photography, Make up and Hairstyle services website opening today

I receive many mail and phone calls every day from people visiting this blog asking about my services and the cost of them. For all the people interested, i would like to let You know that today, together with the great Make-up artist and Hair Stylist Mai Nguyen , we launched  a new website , where you can find many samples of our works, many useful information to contact us and the cost for our services.

We cover many kind of photography: Fashion, Wedding, Commercial, Event, Location, Glamor, Sport and also many kind of Make-up and Hairstyle.

So, if you would like to have a look  at ours list of  services, please have a look to our new website.

In this period I’m very very busy with Weddings and Fashion photo shoot, but i hope to update this blogs with new galleries as soon as possible :)

Brands Hatch car racing

Posted in Sport on August 18th, 2008 by Giorgio Guglielmino

grey  Brands Hatch car racing


Yesterday we went to Brands Hatch to assist to the BRSCC Car Championships.

It wasn’t  F1 but if you like cars and engines it is a good place to go.

There was 7 events lineup: Ford Saloon Car Championship, Ford Fiesta Championship, Mighty Minis Championship, T Cars, Super Mighty Minis Championship,grey  Brands Hatch car racing Formula Jedi grey  Brands Hatch car racingand Porsche 924 Championship. Well, we was a bit late so we missed about half of them :-) I tried to get some pictures and I’m quite happy about the result even if i know that it’s possible to do better. It was the first time i went to get pictures at a car racing event so, even if i have to improve my panning technique and i should find a better place where to get pictures along the track, i enjoyed the day end i enjoyed my camera :-)
In this gallery you can have a look at most of the pictures i got yesterday.

Dog Racing

Posted in Nature & Animals, Sport on June 7th, 2008 by Giorgio Guglielmino

grey Dog Racing

Last night i went to the Wimbledon Greyhound stadium, where 3 times a week , there is a dog race.

Greyhound is not probably the kind of dog i like more, but i have to admit that is very impressive watch them running.

Is not the first time i went there, but is the first time i went there to get pictures. To be honest with you, i really made many errors trying to get few good shoots, but was the first time and I’m quite happy about the result.

Reviewing the pictures i got yesterday, made me learn from my errors, I really hope to get there soon again to be able to improve this kind of photography.

Saying that, i know that there are many people that really don’t like dog racing, many people think that is cruel to the dogs and after the dogs are no more able to run happen that ………

Well, i don’t know about that, i also know people that love dog racing and love the dogs.

But i don’t want to enter this kind of argue, i just want to share with you my pictures, this time thinking only that are sport pictures, nothing more, nothing less.


Have a look at the Dog Racing gallery and feel free to leave a comment.