New Photography, Make-up and Hairstyle services website opening today

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grey New Photography, Make up and Hairstyle services website opening today

I receive many mail and phone calls every day from people visiting this blog asking about my services and the cost of them. For all the people interested, i would like to let You know that today, together with the great Make-up artist and Hair Stylist Mai Nguyen , we launched  a new website , where you can find many samples of our works, many useful information to contact us and the cost for our services.

We cover many kind of photography: Fashion, Wedding, Commercial, Event, Location, Glamor, Sport and also many kind of Make-up and Hairstyle.

So, if you would like to have a look  at ours list of  services, please have a look to our new website.

In this period I’m very very busy with Weddings and Fashion photo shoot, but i hope to update this blogs with new galleries as soon as possible :)

Macro first try part two

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grey Macro first try part two

Today i went again to try some macro photography shoots and i see that i still have to practise a lot before i can show you some nice pictures :-)

Well, this doesn’t scare me because i enjoy photography and i enjoy learning new techniques.

Still have many problems with focusing and lens diffraction but hope that with the time I’ll be able to get some really sharp image.

The good news is that finally i got my first fly and my first dragonfly :-) So, even if my pictures are not very good, I’m quite happy about my insects hunting techniques :-)

Have a look at this gallery for few new pictures.

PS I’ll be away for about 1 month so this blog will not be updated in the next 4 or 5 weeks.For security reason, while I’m away, i will have to approve all the comments before they will be visible on the blog. I’ll not be able to use Internet often so don’t worry, if you write a comment, soon or later will be published.

See you soon :-)


Update: Broken link to the gallery fixed!

My first Macro

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grey My first Macro


Today at lunch time i went to try some macro photography. I had in my mind all the great pictures i see on the web and in many macro photography web site. I always read all the article of serious macro photographer but i never imaged that take good insects or flowers pictures was so difficult.

The first “issue” for me was that i had to look where usually i don’t. I can see flowers,leaves and trees every days but i never stopped to see what was around that.

The second issue was try to get close enough to the insects without make them fly or run away.

The third issue was the depth of field and focusing, when is windy is a real nightmare keep on focus something very little when the depth of field is only few millimeters.

Forth issue lighting…….

Than ok, there was a lot of other issues and now i really appreciate all the great macro photography pictures that i see on the web because only now i understand how difficult is.

Saying that, I’m quite happy about the result, i made the first step in this fantastic new world and i really want to improve on it. For sure i can make better but i need more experience, so i’ll go on to take macro pictures and hopefully, in a near future, I’ll be able to show you something good.

Meanwhile, please have a look at this Gallery and feel free to leave a comment.