New Photography, Make-up and Hairstyle services website opening today

Posted in Cities, Events, Macro Photography, Nature & Animals, Sport, Still life, Street photography, Studio / Fashion Photography, Wedding on September 8th, 2010 by Giorgio Guglielmino

grey New Photography, Make up and Hairstyle services website opening today

I receive many mail and phone calls every day from people visiting this blog asking about my services and the cost of them. For all the people interested, i would like to let You know that today, together with the great Make-up artist and Hair Stylist Mai Nguyen , we launched  a new website , where you can find many samples of our works, many useful information to contact us and the cost for our services.

We cover many kind of photography: Fashion, Wedding, Commercial, Event, Location, Glamor, Sport and also many kind of Make-up and Hairstyle.

So, if you would like to have a look  at ours list of  services, please have a look to our new website.

In this period I’m very very busy with Weddings and Fashion photo shoot, but i hope to update this blogs with new galleries as soon as possible :)

Aquarium of Genova

Posted in Cities, Nature & Animals on June 5th, 2009 by Giorgio Guglielmino

grey Aquarium of Genova

We spent few days in my home city in Italy, Genova, where i had a very emotions time. We had the chance to visit the Aquarium, one of the biggest in Europe and for sure one of the most busy tourist attraction in the city.

Well, i hadn’t the chance to get many pictures while visiting it, there was so many people that sometimes was even difficult to spot the fishes :(

But anyway, is a very big aquarium with not only many different fishes, but also plants and insects. A must to visit Genova.

In this gallery there are few pictures taken that day.

Some new birds pictures

Posted in Nature & Animals on April 15th, 2009 by Giorgio Guglielmino

grey Some new birds pictures

I often go, when i have time, to take some insects, animals and birds  pictures.

I really like photography and wildlife in general so I always enjoy to try to get some interesting shoot. Lately, I’m trying to catch some little birds pictures, it’s not very easy because they really move fast and never stop for more than few seconds on the same place so it’s very important to be quick an try to understand their next move.

Usually, i keep updated my old galleries monthly, in this case some birds pictures have been added to this gallery. A lot more coming soon :-)

Spring is coming…..

Posted in Nature & Animals on March 19th, 2009 by Giorgio Guglielmino

grey Spring is coming.....

Spring is coming, days are getting longer and warmer and when i look at the sky it’s usually a kind of blue now, no more grey, well, more sunny than cloudy at least in the last week :-)

The good thing  is that animals, birds and insects are populating again ponds,lakes and parks so I’m going to get many nature and macro pictures again. Also flowers are starting to show up more colors and many trees are going to be green again, the tree in the picture above is one of them.

Well, I’ll go out in the next days to take some new pictures, hopefully you’ll see the results here quite soon.